Baked Livingness is a vibrant, supportive and nourishing food baking service alternative located in Albion, Brisbane. I offer unique cakes to order, packages for all types of events and a high tea service. It is simply honest food that is baked and served with love that will naturally support you during every movement throughout your day.


Baked Livingness is about the confirmation of love and joy that true connection brings. The loving quality we put into our food when preparing and presenting will enrich any meal.


Customer satisfaction is about the quality of loving care I put into my food preparation and clarity in communication. I feel a deep joy that comes from cooking and the knowing that I am truly nourishing others and myself. I want the highest level of honesty, care and nourishment to be provided for all my customers as that is what we all truly deserve.


I also have a deep love for 70's flares, shibori textiles and anything Japanese. 





“I have had the pleasure of having Sarah cater a number of events for me during 2016 at Happiness Hub. I cannot speak highly enough of her skill in preparing food that not only looks amazing but tastes delicious too.

Sarah always goes above and beyond when it comes to helping me during events and her catering services have ensured that my events are now known for the wonderful food that will be available.”

CLARISSA RAYWARD- The Happy Family Lawyer

“My guests need to be sharp and on their game for our workshops.

No low energy slumps here! That's thanks to Sarah who takes great care in selecting ingredients and developing recipes that keeps everyone, including me, energised across the day. Sarah makes the process of selecting and booking very easy. It's usually done in a minute or two!

I working in Customer Experience so it's important I show people I value them.

Baked Livingness helps me do this with beautifully prepared and presented food that makes an impact every time."


" It was an absolute treat to sit down to Sarah's wonderful salads and cake. They were all delicious. We had enough for everyone (even those who RSVP’d late) It is amazing how filling these salads can be."

ANN-MAREE DAVID - College of Law

" I attended a workshop event at Happiness Hub where Sarah's food was available. I enjoyed and appreciated both the food and Sarah's efforts in preparing it. I truly understand what’s involved in bringing lovely, nourishing and wonderful looking and tasting food to the table – it is a multi-faceted labour of love. Sarah did a great job! Keep going with your business Sarah – you have a wonderful offering."


"We worked with Sarah recently on our launch party and she was such a dream. The food was out of this world amazing [I'm still dreaming about that curry] and all were the perfect complement to each other. We had rave reviews from all our guests and nobody walked away with an empty tummy. Sarah the love you pour into your cooking is absolutely evident and we cannot wait to work with you again. Thank you for agreeing to our crazy request to bring the bag full of scraps to compost too 🙊💋🌏”

Jessica Selwood - The Commune Space


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