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Recently I had the opportunity to answer a few questions by Jess Selwood from The Commune Space.

The Commune Space style, plan and create jaw-dropping events that puts the hip (rather than the hippie) into being green. By infusing their passion for sustainable, eco-friendly event planning, Jess brings experiences that WOW while also doing a little something for this planet we call home.

Enjoy a easy read below and learn more about my life as a baker!

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1. Tell us about your mission and what drove you to create…

I simply love making food for people and this is what inspired my Baked Livingness adventure. Being able to provide people with simple honest and tasty real food which naturally supports them throughout the day is what it is all about for me.

 All in all Baked Livingness is a reflection of my effervescent love of life, colour and energy.


2. Fave social activity or experience?

Hands down going to the Northey Street Farmers markets every Sunday with my GORGEOUS boyfriend Eddie! I also love making trips down to our parents homes in northern NSW and enjoying the fresh air, time together and hinterland beautiful scenery.  Oh and also cooking for friends and family of course!  


3. What does sustainable mean to you in your business + in your personal life

Looking and taking the responsibility to make choices that are less of an impact on the environment and ourselves. This can be simply just taking your own reusable bags to the shops or going beyond this with saying no to any kind of plastic and packaging. 

Something new I have just started is using canvas drawstring styled bag that you get when you buy swimwear, bedding, shoes and jewelry as bags for produce and work lunches. Many companies are also implementing initiatives like Gorman for example. Who plant trees for every 10 “no’s” to their paper bags. Being mindful of the over use of papers in the kitchen for baking and cleaning is something I am working on constantly and looking for opportunities where I can make more desirable sustainable choices.  My boyfriend Eddie is also on constant paper towel over usage patrol, which helps!

Knowing and being educated around what can actually be recycled and reused is also key.


4. What self-love rituals do you practice?

Many! I practice a lot around food but the key one I keep coming back to and working on is saying no to negative thoughts that come in about myself and not “beating” myself up when I do something that is perceived as a mistake. No mistakes I say, just learnings!

A great friend of mine had described self-love and more simply put just love as being a livingness and a way of being with ourselves. You can have love in everything you do from a movement to making a meal.

Choosing the right foods, gentle exercise, healthy lifestyle choices and being gentle with our body and ourselves is what true self love is all about!


5. Top tip/s for going into business for yourself?

Back yourself, 110%! People will tell you all the reasons why you should not or how not to do it. Self knowing is all you need with a loving mix of genuine care, absoluteness and actual living what you’re sharing with others. 

If your business is providing a service that is enriching your clients lives and/ or providing an experience that ultimately inspires or supports them, then in my eyes you’re making a change.

You can DIY almost anything now so google is your bestie! Having a degree in design I was fortunate enough to have some skills around creating a brand identity. I asked a dear friend of mine Sophie Van Der Drift, who is the most amazing and kind graphic designer EVER to create some logo identities for me as well as my latest eBook publication.  I created and designed my own website, “formal” and “informal” business documents. It really is easier than what you first my perceive it to be.

One thing I look back and reflect on would be I wish (and still wish) I produced more recipes and blog content for my website. Content marketing is essential for small businesses, I need to lift my game here but I am in no rush.

One last and key thing would be that asking for support when needed as well as knowing that it is okay to say no are both also essential.

6. What would you tell your teenage self?

Ummm, a lot! But the key thing would have been take responsibility of everything! I used to blame my parents and siblings for a lot of “my own stuff” that actually had no purpose to anything at all. So I guess I would just say, Sarah just chill you’re actually so lucky!  Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.


7. How do you want your business to be remembered?

A fun, loving, colourful and healthy catering service, real life food education and recipe hub!


8. What is your drink of choice?

I don’t drink alcohol so black coffee or peppermint tea it is for me!


9. If there was one thing you could change in your industry right now, what would it be?

Definitely people’s perception on “Gluten Free and Dairy Free” alternatives. There are two particular perceptions I feel exist. The first being that it tastes bad or I won’t be full and the other being that it is “healthier” if I just replace my gluten pasta with gluten free pasta, for an example. 

For me there is no desire to be affiliated or aligned with any modality regarding food trends and diets. Every food has its own energy so Baked Livingness is just a discovery of foods that I am sensitive towards and me just simply sharing my experiences with foods that truly resonate with me.

My top “food” tip would be to choose foods in their natural state. You don’t have to spend hours in a kitchen to make something that will support you throughout the day. Nourish your body with real, wholesome food choices by eating foods closest to their natural state as possible. Going to the farmers markets is both inspiring and supportive for you to make real food choices. Having the mindset that each time we eat we have the responsibility and opportunity to make healthy and healing choices that will support us throughout the day or to hinder, compromise and hold back from feeling the full you.  

Making and preparing food baked full with livingness is an amazing experience for both yourself and those around you. Livingness is simply you living in the quality of your true essence. It is a oneness of all of us choosing to be the real us and not what society has made us.

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Images by photographer Annaliese Bakes