Garlic & Thyme Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Baked Livingness Roasted Broccoli  REAL FOOD CHOICES TO LOVE YOU BACK IN FULL   Baked with Love | Free from gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives   and refined sugar       Garlic and Thyme Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder    Ingredients   Approx. 1.75kg Lamb Shoulder (bone in or out)  5-8 cloves garlic   1 bunch of dried thyme  Pepper   Olive oil   Filtered Water       Method   Preheat your oven at 120-140 degrees  Wash lamb with cold water and place in a baking dish  Remove husk from garlic cloves and roughly chop   Drizzle olive oil to cover lamb and massage (the more olive oil the better).  Rub in pepper, garlic and thyme trying to disclose most of the garlic into the lamb.  Place 1/4 cup filtered water into the bottom of the baking dish and cover with foil completely.   Place lamb into the oven for at least 6 hours. You can cook longer if you like.   Once out of the oven allow the lamb to rest for 20mins.   Slice or pull lamb to serve keeping the oils from the bottom of the dish to mix in or pour over the lamb.       Baked Livingness Roasted Broccoli    Ingredients   5 stalks of broccoli   Olive oil   Pepper   Cayenne Pepper      Method   Preheat your oven at 180 degrees  Chop broccoli stalks into medium sized pieces.  Place in a bowl and drizzle olive oil and pepper over.   With your hands mix the olive oil into the broccoli   Place broccoli pieces onto a baking tray and sprinkle cayenne pepper over the broccoli.   Wrap with foil and place into your oven for 20mins   Remove the foil at 20mins and cook until crips (usually another 20-30mins).   Enjoy as a side dish, with a roast or in salad.       Enjoy deeply and stay connected to the beautiful light you are! Love Sarah. 

Slow cooked lamb and roasted broccoli would have to be hands down my favourite meal of all time. This is not only because I feel super nourished afterwards but this meal is super tasty and easy to prepare. 

Each Sunday my boyfriend (Eddie) and I walk to the Northey Street Organic Markets to get our fresh produced for the week ahead where we get our lovely organic lamb and broccoli. By going to the markets each week I not only found that it was super supportive for my weekly routine and a joyful way to spend time with Eddie but also it supports me to continue to make loving real food choices. We all know that choosing food as close to it's natural state as possible is the best way to ensure we are nourishing our bodies and feeling the full us. Each time we eat we all have the responsibility and opportunity to make healthy and healing choices that will naturally support us throughout the day. So why not make real food choices which in the end love us back.